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Inserm ERL U1303

Administration and financial group
Fatmi Samira (RAF)
Jeand’Heure Camille, Tech
Larme Aurélie, AJT
Lamy Isabelle, SAENES

Technical services
Pitard Vincent (resp.)
Agnès Yigo, Tech

Persons in charge:
AP: Loizon Séverine (CNRS), Papagno Laura (UB), Schmitt Nathalie (Inserm)
Biochemistry/IHC facilities: Le Dantec Aurélia
Cell culture facilities: Loizon Séverine
Computer facilities: Pitard Vincent, Mamani Maria
Communication: Sisirak Vanja (UB), Mamani Maria (CNRS)
Innovation &Partnerships: Julien Séneschal
International exchanges: Appay Victor
Internships: Mamani Maria
InVivo Models & OMG: Capone Myriam
Seminars: Autaa Gaëlle
Training and formation: Duluc Dorothée
Website: Mamani Maria

Vulnerability and ageing of the immune system

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