Jonathan Visentin

PU-PH - Univ. Bordeaux

Vulnerability and ageing of the immune system

About Jonathan Visentin

I am a researcher of the Déchanet-Merville’s group involved in projects that focus on transplanted patients. I am also involved in teaching Immunology to students in the Medicine department of the University of Bordeaux and have a clinical activity at the Immunology and Immunogenetics Laboratory of Bordeaux’s University Hospital.

My research / PhD / Post-doc / projects

The projects I am supervising aim to better understand humoral responses in organ transplantation, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and immune deficiencies. Briefly, we study B cells from their activation to the production of allo- or auto-antibodies, and we study the properties of these antibodies. A better understanding of these processes will allow to find new treatments to improve patients’ care.


Other professionnal networks

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