Katia Boniface

PR - Univ. Bordeaux

Origins and pathogenesis of Autoimmune and Inflammatory disorders

About Katia Boniface

I am Professor in Therapeutic Innovation at the University of Bordeaux.

My research is focusing on the role of T cells and their related cytokines during development of skin inflammatory, autoimmune diseases and depigmentations, in particular vitiligo.

My teaching activities are in the areas of therapeutic innovations, immunology, and pharmacology, mainly for students in the Pharmacy department of the University of Bordeaux

My research / PhD / Post-doc / projects

The translational projects conducted in our immunodermatology group aim to decipher the crosstalk between immune and epidermal cells in the process leading to melanocyte loss in vitiligo (the most common skin depigmenting disorder).

Ongoing and future research aim to dissect the complexity of the cytokine network involved in depigmentation and to better understand how the combined activity of the identified cytokines impact the epidermis, in particular melanocyte function, metabolism, and inflammatory state.

Another important aspect of our research is to decipher the crosstalk between resident memory T cells (TRM) and epidermal cells, to characterize how TRM impact epidermal inflammation and regulate melanocyte fate, which could explain the flares of the disease.

The ultimate goal is to identify therapeutic targets that will prevent the impact of T cells and their cytokines on the epidermis (as for JAK inhibitors for example) that could be used as a maintenance or treatment therapy for patients to prevent flares or to induce repigmentation.


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