Charlène Lhuissier

Post-doctoral fellow - Univ. Bordeaux

Vulnerability and ageing of the immune system

About Charlène Lhuissier

During my Master  in biology, I learned about a small intracellular organelles with multiple functions called mitochondria. My interest in mitochondria grew up and I completed a thesis on the structure/function relationship of these mitochondria in the MitoLab Laboratory (under the supervision of Dr. Arnaud Chevrolier) at the University of Angers . My interest in mitochondria didn’t stop there, as I joined the Mitochondrial Biology and Innate Immunity group at ImmunoConcEpT unit as a post-doctoral fellow. I still work on mitochondria…

My research / PhD / Post-doc / projects

My project involves studying mitochondrial dynamics and bioenergetics during the innate immune response.


Other professionnal networks

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