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A bit of history

ImmunoConcEpT (CNRS Unit 5164) is located in Bordeaux University and is affiliated to the Research Department of Biological and Medical Sciences. Physically the lab is located on two floors of the same building in campus Carreire Nord, bordering the campus of the main general University Hospital of Bordeaux (Pellegrin Hospital).
The main expertise of ImmunoConcEpT is Immunology and this unit was created in 2016 based on a unique team comprising ~30 members (1 DR CNRS, 2 CR CNRS, 5 PU-PH, 3 MCU-PH, 1 MCF, 6 ITA CNRS, 2 BIATSS UBx, 6 post-docs, 7 PhD students) gathering most of the people involved in Immunology research on Bordeaux University campus.

Unité ImmunoConcept Mars 2022

Our Global objetives
  1. A better understanding of the contribution of the immune system to the pathogenesis of chronic inflammation and cancer or in the control of infections
  2.  An improved assessment of the alterations of the immune system resulting in specific vulnerability conditions such as in elderly, chronic infections or inflammation and cancer
  3. Translation of this gain of knowledge toward a better treatment of patients.
The specificity of ImmunoConcept

One specific feature of ImmunoConcEpT is to combine basic research addressing mechanistic issues about immune cell activation and interactions with target/partner cells/tissues, and translational research to convert our results into therapeutic trials or to improve patient monitoring. All our projects are developed in close interaction with several Bordeaux University Hospital departments that are instrumental for optimal development of our studies. The fact that several researchers and physicians share their time between our unit and the University Hospital (in departments of Immunology, Renal Transplantation, Rheumatology, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Intensive Care, Gastroenterology, Oncology and Hematology) promotes bench to bedside translation of our results and creates the interface to discuss clinical issues feeding our research.
Another important specificity of ImmunoConcEpT is to develop an interdisciplinary approach aiming at improving conceptual approaches and modelling in biology and medicine. This conceptual and theoretical approach is entirely integrated into our global scientific strategy. Collectively, we are convinced that the biological and medical sciences must add an intensive and “upstream” conceptual reflection to the traditional (and naturally indispensable) experimental method.


Our research programs focus on the immune system and its pathologies and regroup most investigators involved in this field on the Bordeaux campus.


Several members of our lab are involved
in teaching Immunology

Understand Immunoconcept

As we try to make our understandable to non-scientice people, we made a section to explain our work in an easy way.  

Medical research

Several members of our lab are physicians in Medicine fields involving immunological or immunology-related physiopathologies.

Awards and Recognitions

In 2017, T Pradeu has received the Lakatos Award, the highest international prize in the domain of philosophy of science. The Lakatos Award is given by the London School of Economics (UK).

In 2020-21, T Pradeu has been selected as a Fellow of the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Science (CASBS) at Stanford University, one of the main Institutes for advanced study internationally.
Research unit self-assessment document
Evaluation campaign 2020-2021 – Group B Department of research evaluation 11

In 2020, J Visentin has been granted a H2020 Marie Sklodowka-Curie grant (MSCA-GF) for a 2 year move in the Stefanie Sarantopoulos’ laboratory (Durham, NC, USA).

In 2023, J Déchanet-Merville received the CNRS Silver Medal (“Médaille d’Argent du CNRS”).

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