Laura Papagno

IR - Univ. Bordeaux

Vulnerability and ageing of the immune system

About Laura Papagno

I am research engineer in biology at Bordeaux University, in the “Vulnerability and Ageing of the Immune System” team.

25 years of research activity in various international university laboratories of immunology and virology (Universities of Bordeaux, Paris, Milan, Oxford), as well as in the private sector (at Becton Dickison for 2 years), allowed me to develop in-depth expertise in cell biology, and acquire unique experimental know-how, particularly in flow cytometry.

I was appointed engineer at Sorbonne University in 2012, before moving to join the ImmunoConcept unit at the University of Bordeaux in October 2020.


My research / PhD / Post-doc / projects

Design and development of new experimental approaches, and their application to patient cohort studies.

Characterization of anti-viral immune responses, or their induction in the context of aging.


Other professionnal networks

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