Teaching Immunology

We teach Immunology at the following levels.

PhD students of the following programs are/have been trained in our lab

Bordeaux Life Sciences Doctoral School

MD/PhD program

Master degree (1rst and 2nd years):

Implication in training and education

From a teaching/formation standpoint, members of ImmunoConcEpt have operated a restructuration of the higher-educational programs in immunology at the University of Bordeaux. In the scientific perimeter (UF Biology/Colleges of Sciences and Technology and of Health), the offer consists in 6 teaching units (~290 hrs) specifically dedicated to basic, fundamental and translational immunology. These courses are integrated into 6 Master programs (Masters “Microbiology-Immunology”, “Cellular Biology and Physiology”, “Genetics”, “Cancer Biology”, “Nutrition”, and the Bordeaux-Japan-Taiwan International Master “GIP-TRIAD”), thereby attracting students from different origins and specialties. In this context, specific highlights include our participation to the creation and co-coordination of a new International Master in Cancer Biology (CBIO, accredited by Bordeaux IDEX), and of the program IIRON (UB Advanced Graduate and Professional Program in Integrated an Innovative Research in Oncology), integrated in the newly approved SFRI of Bordeaux University. CBIO and IIRON are closely connected to, and constitute the educational/formation arms of the Oncosphere project, the SIRIC-BRIO and the “réseau impulsion” Cancer NEWMOON in the Bordeaux oncology research landscape. Our members also coordinate and teach in units related to immunology and immunopathology in Bordeaux Medical and Pharmacy Schools, pilot a Master program in Health and Biology, and a DIU in oncoimmunology.

Photographies par Gautier Dufau

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