Technical Skills

Members of the ImmunoConcEpT lab are in charge of the following technological platformes related to the UMS (Unité Mixte de Services) TransBio-Med:

Flow cytometry Facility

We created in 2005 a flow cytometry facility hosted by FR TransBioMed which is instrumental for all our projects.It comprises four cell analyzers (BD Acuri, BD FACS Canto I, FACS Canto II, FACS Fortessa and one Aurora) and three cell sorters (BD FACS Aria). Three analyzers are equipped with High Throuput Modules. The facility is scientifically directed by Julie Déchanet-Merville, technically supervised by Vincent Pitard (IRHC, UBx) and technically operated by Atika Zouine (IE, INSERM) and Jean-Michel Griffon (IE Inserm) whose work time is fully dedicated to the facility.

qPCR core

The qPCR core, hosted by the FR TransBioMed was built by former and present members of ImmunoConcEpT.

Equipements : Tissue Lyser Qiagen, mDrop Denovix, Bioanalyser Tape Station Agilent, Robot EpMotion 5073 Eppendorf, CFX 96 and 384 puits BioRad, StepOne plus 96 puits Applied, Module High Resolution Melting BioRad, qbase plus software.

For further information contact Xavier Gauthereau (technical manager) and Myriam Capone (Chief scientist)

Cell culture & Hybridoma production

ImmunoConcEpT masters the cell culture techniques applied to Immunology. If you are interested in producing an hybridoma, please contact our Engineer Vincent Pitard (IRHC, UBx).

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