Immunology of Cancer and Inflammatory Diseases

Cancer control is intricately linked to the potency of immune responses. The research objective of our team is to understand the immunology of cancer and of inflammatory diseases towards the development of novel biomarkers to stratify patients and to develop novel immunotherapies.


The research objective of our team is to fine map the landscape of the innate immune compartment, with a focus on myeloid cells, in cancer and inflammatory diseases. We wish to study their phenotypes and functions in cancer initiation, promotion and metastasis, immune suppression and evasion, anti-tumor immunity, as well as irAEs in response to immunotherapies. We are particularly interested in a) the role of innate immunity receptors e.g. inflammasomes in priming anti-tumor immune responses, b) the impact of metabolic crosstalk between cancer cells and myeloid cells and the role of immunometabolism in driving myeloid cell phenotypes and functions, c) the cross-talk between myeloid cells and cancer stem cells in cancer stemness and promotion; d) the role of cancer-myeloid cells circulating clusters in cancer dissemination. Another axis of our team is centered on understanding the role of the intestinal and local microbiome in tumorigenesis and inflammatory reactions and the impact of co-medications on the composition and function of the microbiome in these processes. Our long term goal is to develop new therapeutic approaches that exploit the innate immune system and the microbiome to improve patient care.


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