Benjamin Spada

PhD student - Univ. Bordeaux

Conceptual Biology & Medicine, Developpement durable

About Benjamin Spada

I own a master degree in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology from Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. I have been specializing myself in Philosophy of Biology for the last three years. My master’s dissertation focused on the concept of biological individuality applied to the study case of the honeybee colony. Since November 2021 I am a PhD Student in Philosophy at ImmunoConcEpT.

My research / PhD / Post-doc / projects

In my PhD project, I am interested in developing a conceptual framework to understand what cancer is; for this purpose I choose to follow three axes:
1) Conceptual definitions of cancer.
2) A phylogenic and evolutionary approach of cancer
3) The links between cancer and multicellularity.


Other professionnal networks

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