Jan Pieter Konsman


Conceptual Biology & Medicine

About Jan Pieter Konsman

I am a neuroimmunologist with a Master’s degree in history and philosophy of science. My research focuses on physiology, behavior and immune-to-brain signaling during inflammation and cancer as well as on the use concepts, such as homeostasis and stress, in preclinical studies. For further information, please consult my CV.

My research / PhD / Post-doc / projects

I am (interested in) working on the roles of concepts and observational or experimental findings in the life sciences as well as in interdisciplinary efforts between the life sciences, psychology and the humanities.


Other professionnal networks

I am involved in various collaborations and networks in Europe and around the world (European Psychoneuroimmunology Network (EPN), University of Cincinnati (USA), National Yang-Ming University (Taiwan)).

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