Impact of chronic infections on host immune response efficiency

PI: Julie Déchanet-Merville & Victor Appay

Cellular immunity is studied in two contexts associated to accelarated ageing: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Cytomegalovrius (CMV) infections.

In HIC infection, we analyse the quality of the naïve αβ and γδ T-cell compartment and develop strategies to improve priming efficacy with adjuvants. We also have a particular focus on understanding γδ T cell response to CMV infection which is a powerful model to study a natural response of human γδ T cells. We are for instance deciphering the existence and functions of a natural innate-like γδ T cell repertoire responding to CMV. We also take advantage of this model to characterize the molecular determinants of γδ T cell response. The murine model of CMV infection (MCMV) also provides us with the capacity to analyze how CMV imprints long-term changes in γδ T cell functions. Our global aim is to harness γδ T cells for the treatment of CMV-infection, using them as biomarkers in the monitoring of CMV infection in transplant recipients, as drug delivery systems using functional polymersomes or as adoptive cell therapy.

People Involved

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