Impact of sepsis on the efficacy of immunity

PI: Maria Mamani-Matsuda & Julien Goret

Sepsis as clinical cause of accelerated immne ageing ?

In collaboration with the ICU departments of Bordeaux hospital, we study the role of innate response in the early phase of sepsis. We currently focus on the consequences of platelet activation and the role of DNAses in the clearance of extracellular DNA originated upon NETosis. We also investigate whether immune dysregulations occurring in early sepsis could be a clinical cause of accelerated immune ageing, as suggested by the susceptibility of post-sepsis patients to infections. Our work would allow to identify biomarkers for a better monitoring of patients in ICU and after discharge from hospital.


Pr Didier GRUSON, Service de Médecine Intensive-Réanimation, CHU de Bordeaux
Pr Chloé JAMES, Inserm U1034, Pessac, France

Prof. Manjunath B Joshi, Manipal School of Life Sciences, Manipal-India

Former master students: Laure Barthod (2020), Juliette Charpy (2021), Etienne Cléquin & Rémy Gérard (2022), Enzo Alusse (2023)

People Involved

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