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Orsolya Vincze


Conceptual Biology & Medicine

About Orsolya Vincze

I am a PostDoc researcher and my research focuses on the evolution of physiological systems and life histories across various animal species. I’m particularly interested in the immune system, oxidative physiology and aging phenotypes, such as cancer. I study how these physiological systems are connected to each other as well as how extrinsic and intrinsic processes shape their variation across species, between sexes and among age classes. During my current PostDoc, I will also explore how the microbiome integrates into the host physiological and aging phenotypes. I will particularly explore the interaction between microbiome, immunity and cancer predisposition across the tree of life.

I work in team 4 on the link between cancer, immunity and microbiome in non-model organisms.

My research / PhD / Post-doc / projects

My research in ImmunoConcEpT targets a better understanding of the connection between cancer, immunity and microbiome. I will explore this topic using both theoretical and data-based approaches and my work will mainly build on cross-species variability in these characters.


Other professionnal networks

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