Thursday Seminar: Thomas Boyer



Thomas Boyer


Title : “Impact of Immunosuppressive Myeloid Cells on resistance to cancer therapies-Exploring the crosstalks between Immunosuppressive Myeloid Cells and Cancer Stem Cells Abstract: “Resistance to therapies is a major challenge in the cancer field and account for most of cancer-related death worldwide. This resistance, although well documented, remains missunderstood and better stratification of patients prior to the beginning of treatments based on their anticipated response to a given therapy is needed. Important actors of the development of resistance to therapies are Myeloid Cells with Immunosuppressive functions as part of the tumor microenvironment and Cancer Stem Cells. This project aims at better characterizing the myeloid landscape of patients that did not receive any treatment and correlate the sub-populations with patient’s response to immunotherapies. Moreover, we are exploring mechanisms that could lead to resistance to therapies by studying the crosstalks between immunosuppressive myeloid cells (IMC) and cancer cells with stemness properties (CSC) in vitro, in vivo and in patients. We found that IMC promote the development of CSC and the resistance to chemotherapies.”
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