Séminaire de Bioinformatique et Biologie Computationnelle sur la thématique de l’organisation spatiale du microenvironement tumoral dans l’Osteosarcome



Antonin Marchais, Groupe Pediatric Precision Medicine and Experimental Therapeutics, CNRS UMR820 Institut Gustave Roussy – University Paris-Saclay


Title : “Spatial characterization of the immune infiltrate in Osteosarcoma and its interplay with tumor cells” Abstract : The immunosupressive infiltrate of Sarcomas is a major obstacle to translate immunotherapy into success. In Osteosarcomas, the bone environment, by its biological, physical, chemical and mechanical properties tends to set the ground of immunosuppression and participates to the immune escape of tumor cells in patient with unfavorable prognosis.Up to now, the trials to repolarize the immune state of Osteosarcomas to trigger inflammation and immune response against tumor cells have shown disappointing outcome. Our lab, using the integration of scRNA-seq, spRNA-seq and bulk Omics from patient samples investigates the spatial organisation of the tumor immune microenvironnement and its interaction with tumor cells. Our objectives are to propose new prognostic tools and to overcome the immunosuppressive lock observed in hard-to-treat patients with new therapeutic strategies.
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