Maël Lemoine obtains ANR project

He will be leading the project MEASURAGE, a project on the theoretical framework necessary to correctly measure the progression of aging. Partners are Adrien Barton (Université de Toulouse) and Alan Cohen (Columbia University).

About the project:

The question of measuring the progression of aging has become crucial. Some think that it might be a predictor of health-related outcomes, others, that it would help determine if some drugs really are geroprotective, i.e., slow down the progression of aging. There is an intuitive idea that biological aging can be measured more accurately than with the progression of time, but this raises conceptual difficulties and the need for a concerted strategy. Is it possible to measure the progression of one and the same process across tissues? If not, how is it that we can frame such a project?

One PhD and one postdoc will be hired by October 2024.

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