Postdoctoral position in Immunology

University of Bordeaux

A postdoctoral position in Immunology is available in the team “Vulnerability and Ageing of the Immune System” within the ImmunoConcept Laboratory of the Bordeaux University, France under the supervision of Victor Appay. (

Job description

Research context and project: Growing evidence indicates that disease in the elderly is related to changes of the immune system competence with ageing, characterized by quantitative and qualitative alterations of immune cells, and a hyper-inflammatory status, referred to as immunosenescence and inflammaging, respectively.
Our research tackle immunological questions pertaining to the induction of effective human T-cell responses in older humans, and individuals with cancer or infected by viruses (e.g HIV, CMV or SARS-CoV-2). The project will aim at uncovering impairments of antigen specific ab and gd T-cells with old age or aging associated pathologies, and develop strategies to improve T-cell priming and vaccine efficacy in settings of ‘compromised’ immunity.
The successful candidate will benefit from an excellent scientific environment and state-of-the-art research facilities within the ImmunoConcept Laboratory. This project will require a wide variety of techniques including multi-parametric flow cytometry, microculture approaches, single cell molecular profile analyses and T-cell receptor repertoire analyses applied to the study of human cohorts.

Candidate qualification and selection criteria

We seek highly motivated and enthusiastic postdoctoral fellows, able to work independently with excellent communication skills. Applicants should have a Ph.D. with at least one first-author publication and a strong background in immunology.
Knowledge of RNAseq analysis is an asset.
Criteria to evaluate candidates will include academic achievements, past research experience, interest in working in a multidisciplinary research environment, enthusiasm and communication skills


Candidates should send their application including CV, a brief description of research accomplishments, list of publications, cover letter and contact for at least two referees into a single PDF file to Victor Appay ( Selected candidates will be contacted for an on-site or video interview. Please submit your application by May 1st 2022. Late applications will be considered until the position is filled.


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