Thursday Seminar: Anaïs Roubertie



Anaïs Roubertie


Title: DNASE1L3 function in obesity-mediated inflammation and metabolic syndrome Abstract: Obesity is a major health disease affecting 13% of the world population. The development of metabolic syndrome and severe complications associated with obesity is attributed to the chronic low-grade inflammation that occurs in metabolic tissues such as the white adipose tissue (WAT). Recently, circulatory self-DNA (cfDNA), which accumulates systemically in obese individuals, was shown to aberrantly activate innate immune responses and contribute to WAT inflammation. While deoxyribonucleases (DNASES), in particular DNASE1L3, regulate cfDNAs levels, no study has yet evaluated their roles and regulations in obesity. We aim to define the role of DNASE1L3 in the regulation of cfDNA immunostimulatory potential during obesity and to assess whether its deregulation plays a role in WAT inflammation in obese subjects.
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